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About us

At the beginning of 1990 we fell in love with the Newfoundlander. Next to our white Bouvier and 2 cats, a newf made himself at home.

Naturally, it didn't stop with one newf. Slowly but surely we got more newfs. Now, and we are talking more then 22 years later, the newfoundlander & the Irish Wolfhound along with other dogs and cats have taken over our lives.

Mid 1994 we took the step to go one further in the Newfoundlander world and to breed with them. As a kennel name we use “v d Foekjuffer” which is a regional expression for arrogant lady. The name is linked to the mother of our first nest, namely “Baleia Asillissa van der Heerenstal”.

Occasionally we breed a nest where we are bound to the breeding rules of The Newf Society & the NNFC..

The Newfoundlander is known as the gentleman of dogs, childfriendly, nice and gentle and a cuddly bear. Due to these characteristics and description, a newf is quickly owned.

It is such a heartwarming looking little puppy, but inevitably they grow up and need looking after and discipline.

It's possible that some items on this site will be in the Dutch language.

If you need more information, ring or send a message.

We like talking about the Newfoundlander.

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